About Us

About Us

Insolvency Practitioners Association of Malaysia (iPAM) or Persatuan Pengamal Insolvensi Malaysia is a non-Government and non-profit organisation incorporated as a Society and registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 8 February 2010.

iPAM is a membership body for those in insolvency practice; those engaged in insolvency related work; and those with an interest in insolvency.

The Association’s primary aim is to promote and cultivate the highest standards of professional conduct and performance amongst those engaged in insolvency practice.

In addition, iPAM also seeks to enhance greater knowledge and understanding in the area of insolvency within and outside the profession. This is achieved through the provision of classes and training, collation and publication of resource material as well as spearheading seminars, workshops and conferences that are relevant to the profession, its stakeholders and the general public.

The Association plans to impact legislative reform by evaluating and paying attention to the development of Malaysian laws, practices, education and examination in the areas of insolvency, receivership and liquidation, business restructuring and turnaround management.

Towards this end, iPAM endeavors to become a membership body that is recognised by the Malaysian Government for accrediting or licensing insolvency practitioners, becoming the only recognised body in the country that is solely involved in the insolvency profession.

iPAM is a member association of INSOL International, a world-wide federation of national associations for those who specialise in turnaround and insolvency practice. There are currently over 40 Member Associations world-wide with over 10,000 professionals participating as Members of INSOL International.